Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back to 90's - Internet Explorer 9

          Microsoft always brings us new and ‘never-seen-before’ things. Here comes the news of the next gift for the MS customers, Internet Explorer 9.
         So soon, isn’t it? But, for a fast changing world and a never lagging technology development, refreshing products is a necessary thing. Okay, let’s see wats special in our new IE9. We have lots.
·         Direct 2D interface in place of the existing GDI – Graphical User Interface.
·         Faster JAVA script.
·         Super Rich Graphics.
          What we already use in browsers in the traditional GDI – Graphical User Interface. But now, with the promised 2D interface, internet explorer can become more smooth and fast in its Graphic Interface. The frame rate of the display is also expected to change. Think, a fast loading Vector File and a smooth text transition, it will change the present browsing experience. Other competitors for the Internet Explorer have a chance to lose their business. (Remember Netscape Navigator!)
          The IE9 will have a development in the acceleration of their scripts. Java script, being widely used on the net, will be concentrated in acceleration.
          Compatibility is another serious issue in a browser development. IE9 is believed to provide far better compatibility to upcoming and no-so-famous vectors on the pages or the Canvas.
          In short, IE9 is going to change the course of the competition among the browsers. It may bring back the situation that arose in the late 90’s. Look out.
Based on an interview with Microsoft general manager Dean Hachamovitch.
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GOD and Windows 7

Windows enthusiasts are all surprised with it. The hidden “GodMode” is discovered recently. It gives access to all of the Operating System’s controls.  Specialty is, it’s all from a single folder. We get to control almost every aspect of the OS from the mouse and keyboard controls to the disk partitioning controls. This hidden feature proved to be a real surprise.  As the name goes, it’s really a GOD mode for it controls everything when OS is the world.
To enable GodMode, all you have to do is this.
·         Create a new folder.
·         Rename the folder with this name,
·         GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
·         The folder icon changes to something similar to the control panel icon.
·         Now open the folder and find every control you need in it.
Note that this works in all versions of Windows 7 but only in the 32 bit versions of Windows Vista.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Off on a 'Shakey' Start

Yogesh, NEN E Leader at Saveetha Engineering College, thought he had figured his milkshake shop. He'd budgeted for Rs 16,000, got three friends as investors and lined up two E Cell members for help. It was all set to launch on September 23, just in time for the college’s annual fest.
But everything went wrong.
  • His costs doubled to Rs 34,000
  • Volunteers didn't turn up for help
  • Broke and left with a half-done stall, the launch didn't happen
How many mistakes did Yogesh make? Only one: Armchair research.
Who did he interview while planning? Two juice shop owners in his hometown Kanyakumari (none in Chennai). How did he write his B Plan? He referred to the B Plan of a machine tools company. How did he build his team? He picked the first three E Cell members who volunteered.
Yogesh failed because he did not get out of his comfort zone to engage with the real world.
But importantly, Yogesh took the lessons in his stride and successfully rebuilt his milkshake startup, with the support of the management and SEC NEN E Cell. He also took a loan from his mother and reconstituted his team. Today, Fluids records Rs 1,500 in revenues a day. :)

This article is published in the NEN 360 newsletter, December edition.
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Monday, November 16, 2009


E Cell
Saveetha Engineering College

          If this stall gets implemented, students may find a solution for a quick and healthy drink, which may serve to hold their nerves till they have their next heavy meal. At the end of the first year, we plan to make the cash flow to Rs 2000 per day, on average. By the end of the second year, we plan to extend the service to the Saveetha University (CET) and the Medical College canteen. We have a long term goal to make the ‘Shake’ stall an on campus brand and open outlets in other Saveetha colleges.
          We dedicate this work to our Principal Dr Venkatasamy and E Cell Saveetha, without whom, this wonderful chance might not have been ours. The management deserves our thanks, for it didn’t stop the campus just with academic elements, but gave us an opportunity to explore ourselves, which is possible only at this time.